MAMPU (The Empowering Indonesian Women for Poverty Reduction )

To establish a shared vision among members of parliaments serving for the period of 2014 – 2019 on the importance of promoting gender equality and advocating pro-poor and pro-gender policies as their priorities and attentions.

  1. Providing creative content planner to sharpen the theme, topics, and sub topics of the conference;
  2. Identify and contact all speakers to increase the success in achieving the conference objectives;
  3. Develop and design the overall process flow for the two day conference;
  4. Arranging media relations to convey the message to the wide audience;
  5. Design a two hour talk show on the first day;
  6. Produce a TV program for the talk show;
  7. Provide MC and moderators for all plenary and breakout sessions;
  8. Producing opening video, video documentation during the event, and closing video.


  1. Two days of the national conference was a massive success.
  2. The conference was inaugurated by Prof. Dr. Farouk Muhammad as Vice Chairman of Local Councils of The Republic Indonesia and Adrinof Chaniago as The Chairman of The Ministry of National Development Planning.
  3. We received a lot of positive comments from clients, partners, and participants as well.
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